Long Twelfth Century


I will get the embarrassing part over with quickly. For reasons I think I can explain but are not relevant, some errors were introduced into the book manuscript and not caught at proof-stage. The author, yours truly, bears responsibility.  All will be corrected when the book is reprinted later this year.


p. xi (Map), p. 193 l. 14, p. 244 l. 15:  Zadar (not “Zedar”)
p. 15, l. 30: nothing (not “anything”)
p. 29, l. 11: “His chancellor, the aforementioned”
p. 45, l. 28, p. 234, l. 14 Murabit (not “Mubarit”)
p. 91, l. 14: Marshal (not “Marshall”)
p. 157, l. 21: Anselm (not “Anslem”)
p. 158, l. 41: medium (not “message”)
p. 171, l. 9: Alan (not “Alain”)
p. 178, l. 5: Roncesvalles (not “Roncevalles”)
p. 181, l. 16 tales (not “takes”)
p. 181, l. 28: “tied to” (not “up with”)
p. 221, n. 21: Thorndike  (not “Thorndkie”)


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